Frequently Asked Questions

OK, these questions have never been asked, but we want to answer.
What is Depth of Field?
Depth od Field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that looks acceptably sharp in an image. Read more in Wikipedia.
What are the main DOF rules?
Bigger Aperture value means bigger DOF. Bigger distance from the subject means bigger DOF. Smaller Focal Length means smaller DOF.
What is Circle of Confusion?
The only sharp point of an image is that at we focus the lens. But small unsharpness our eyes don't notice, so we can recognize it as sharpness. Circle of Confusion (CoC) is a parameter that determine borderline: what our eyes sees as sharp and what as unsharp. Read more in Wikipedia.
What is your formula of CoC?
Our formula is diameter of sensor of camera divided by 1500 (d/1500). This is more widely used formula. You can change CoC in advanced settings to match your requirements. If you take pictures only to publish in the internet in small dimensions you can increase CoC. If your photo will be print in large format for exhibition you should think about decrease CoC value.